Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Services that Impact Negatively on My Twitter Account

Twitter developing very fast and is one of the marketplaces is the potential for those who want to introduce or sell the product to another twitter user. Reason why I and many people like Twitter because communication is made simple and easy to reach many people who come from different countries and cultures. That makes twitter so popular is because a free service and does not require special capabilities in the micro-blog.

New users only need to find a profile of the person he wanted to follow, and then users can simply click "Follow" to receive messages from people who have been followed. Twitter of the system allows you to perform post 140 characters and then the information has been Posted delivered to other users on the same network with you. Many other systems have used the Twitter service, to deliver ads on other users, but not all the services of ad can be received by the Twitter system.

I have joined with several programs that provide compensation for the ad, but the negative impact on My Twitter account. I've made the analysis of several programs that utilize twitter service, and can cause your account suspended. I have tried that program and the results My account suspended. Account suspended because of advertising services that have been sending the same character to all the Twitter account has been participating in the program, and the Twitter of the system has detected as spam.

I suggest you do an analysis on each program that you use to avoid your Twitter account suspended. Following and Follower you must be balanced, spamming can come from over-click on the button follow. Twitter system at this time is very tight, so you should be careful when doing tweets. Services that impact negatively on our twitter accounts have to be thrown far.

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