Sunday, August 2, 2009

Analysis of the Website using the Google Analytics

Analysis of website activity we need to do to know the target level of success that you have set or you will achieve in the future in accordance with the initial plan that you have created. To analyze the website you can start using Google Analytics to your site or blog, and is free to use. Google Analytics is a tool of analysis is provided to you free of charge, and analysis tools will provide information about the source of your website visitors come from and the page where your visitors landed, keywords used, and many more others.

There are many analysis tools provided by other companies but does not free to use all tools and this is different, as provided by Google Analytics, but I have seen that Google Analytics is one of the best tools, and free. Some people spend too much time reviewing statistics, analyzing, and planning on every website they, and do not spend enough time writing good content and get new readers to their blogs.

By using Google Analytics you can see the results of your campaign and know the type of content that is most popular for visitors, and you will get the best traffic to your website. If you run ads on the page, make sure they are correct in the location that is easily viewed. If you run ads on the page, make sure they are correct in the location that is easily seen, and this analysis will increase your future earnings.

By using Google analytics you can see which keywords are popular for your website, and also you can increase your website ranking in the search engine using keywords that are specific. Other features that you can use the Google analytics is that you can know the average time a visit to the page where your visitor has landed. Google Analytics can give you a far greater than what is happening on your site and can help you to continue the plan targets a more specific the future.

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