Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Google PageRank Update 2009

To get more traffic from search engines required PageRank greater than zero, PR1, PR2 .. PR10. In January 2009 this update Google PageRank algorithm with the use of new technology and from some blog that I manages PageRank has been updated by Google.

Results from Google PageRank Update, my blog that discusses the technology has decreased PageRank from 2 to 0 and have also increased from a PageRank 0 is now PageRank 4 with namely adrianindo.

PageRank is very important if we want to grab important position in the Google search engine to bring traffic and the higher the PageRank values are the more traffic obtained from the Google search engine.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Marketing Strategies For Achieving The Target

Marketing is very closely related and is not an integral part of the sale, either in form of goods and services. By using the right marketing strategy, will attract many consumers that we viewfinder as the market share of products that we offer.

Even if the product that we offer was only seen without one sold, may be due to the implementation of marketing strategies that erroneously or less accurate, because we can also offer goods or services to people or companies that are less precise.

People can still feel the presence of our new products, so that they at first only interested to see at once to compare similar products from other producers. Goods or services into new markets, it will occupy the middle-class down when compared with similar products have been the market first.

If we want a product that we offer top-class and occupy the great demand by consumers, and some business related to the marketing strategy we have to apply to get what we want it. Because of the many products that our behavior, then automatically the number of benefits that we get will also be doubled.

Marketing or sales of self-taught without ever reading the book marketing, but to implement direct marketing strategies. But not one meeting first, the pioneer of the business and become a great self-taught, and not necessarily lose out when compared with graduate-school graduates with the economy even with a pass rate cumlaude though.

The businessman who was born in either self-taught or born from the benches of school-economic favorite, in the end have to compete to find a good marketing strategy and the right for the competition that occurred in the market.

If it is not or has not been able to find a new marketing strategy, we are required to develop a marketing strategy that has been so different from the marketing strategies used by its competitors.

Navigation with Google Maps

Today technology is very modern mobile phone that is integrated with GPS. Each mobile phone has the support of a variety of maps. There is only support big cities, and some that can be used to the countryside. Mobile phone that supports GPS are still relatively expensive. But do not worry, we do not have a GPS mobile phone can use Google Maps for Mobile.

Google Maps is a free application from Google that helps you find a location, including the pilot, address and phone number. In operation you have two options: a standard map and satellite imagery. With the satellite imagery, you will get a real look at the screen surface of the earth, such as using Google Earth on your computer.

Google Maps can be used to find locations where your business. In addition we can also participate to add a database in Google Maps to create and put the location where our efforts so that customers can find the location of our business. With Google maps target marketing this product to become more knowledgeable and effective.

I also use Google Maps to see this place that I had never visited. See the world without the need to depart from the seat by using Google Maps and So hold the world with your Google Maps

Create Backlink From Another Website

Backlink or an external link such as a URL or Anchor Text, which if clicked will bring visitors to a website target. For example, if you commented on my blog and enter your URL, then this link will take visitors to the website / blog you.

Backlink is a good link-friendly, using a text that contains the meaning and easy to understand. Anchor text should contain keywords or keywords to target, such as technology, marketing, laptop computers and so forth.

To create a backlink with anchor text like that you can use the HTML code and backlink this will also provide additional traffic to our blog, apart from its own index page. To get traffic from another website, I visited the many website and give a little comment to make but it is not spam. But backlink effective to get this traffic is to enter a destination URL for each post or journal written by the blog.

Chrome Browser

Google lunch new product for web browser namely Google Chrome more faster, safer, and easier but this still beta, I already use and fast enough to use for browsing. When compared with Firefox, Chrome this takes much longer to appear moved to the tab when network busy. For the file size is very small when compared with Firefox, more lightweight and fast loading time.

Chrome more secure to use when browsing and will warn us when there is a website that threaten our security and browsing stopped automatically shown with the message box warning. Chrome also has a browser that does not store cookies (incognito) and more secure for browsing on the website that we do not know. Chrome display web pages that have multiple images faster than Firefox and many more advantages.

My Twitter Network

Community network is very important to improve the achievement of the target and get more information from the community. In the community Twitter network, I have very many friends with the amount in 2000 people from all over the world.

Twitter the members of this community have a variety of propesi as CEO, manager, engineer,marketer,professional, students, university students and so forth. There are also companies that use large Twitter to do the promotion and selling new products that have their launch.

With this Twitter network we can quickly provide information on each member through a short message in the messages box and can also use a mobile phone to receive / send messages. Join today for follow my on Twitter

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