Monday, January 26, 2009

Navigation with Google Maps

Today technology is very modern mobile phone that is integrated with GPS. Each mobile phone has the support of a variety of maps. There is only support big cities, and some that can be used to the countryside. Mobile phone that supports GPS are still relatively expensive. But do not worry, we do not have a GPS mobile phone can use Google Maps for Mobile.

Google Maps is a free application from Google that helps you find a location, including the pilot, address and phone number. In operation you have two options: a standard map and satellite imagery. With the satellite imagery, you will get a real look at the screen surface of the earth, such as using Google Earth on your computer.

Google Maps can be used to find locations where your business. In addition we can also participate to add a database in Google Maps to create and put the location where our efforts so that customers can find the location of our business. With Google maps target marketing this product to become more knowledgeable and effective.

I also use Google Maps to see this place that I had never visited. See the world without the need to depart from the seat by using Google Maps and So hold the world with your Google Maps

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