Monday, January 26, 2009

Create Backlink From Another Website

Backlink or an external link such as a URL or Anchor Text, which if clicked will bring visitors to a website target. For example, if you commented on my blog and enter your URL, then this link will take visitors to the website / blog you.

Backlink is a good link-friendly, using a text that contains the meaning and easy to understand. Anchor text should contain keywords or keywords to target, such as technology, marketing, laptop computers and so forth.

To create a backlink with anchor text like that you can use the HTML code and backlink this will also provide additional traffic to our blog, apart from its own index page. To get traffic from another website, I visited the many website and give a little comment to make but it is not spam. But backlink effective to get this traffic is to enter a destination URL for each post or journal written by the blog.

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