Monday, March 2, 2009

Views Blog and Increase Speed of Loading

Internet MarketingWebsite or blog becomes more interesting when there is a picture, but that too many images will slow down the display when the website visited by users. Slow access to the website due to too much data that the website will be picked up. This problem occurs on many of the users who use dialup access that only the maximum speed is 56 Kbps and I have been using dialup access this did not reach the speed of 56 Kbps is only around 20 Kbps.

To beautify the view website or blog, we need to put some photo so interesting to see visitors. Images we can take this from various sources such as directory of the photo to give permission to the other users to use the photo. In addition, we also use your own camera to take pictures of objects will be placed on our website/blog.

Reduce the image size is appropriate solutions to improve the speed and the image can be enlarged with a click to make the image. Placing too many images can cause difficulties for users to explore our entire website. This way I have applied some of My blog on and very effective way to increase My blog readers.

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