Monday, March 16, 2009

Marketing Through Blog Reviews

Can introduce a product with a review post that has been done by many bloggers, but before the request for review at the website you should be in ready condition and not in a condition under construction. Purpose is to trust in your link, which will be visited by many readers of the blog.

Once your website is ready, then you can immediately ask for bloggers to review your product and also you can choose a suitable blog to market your products. After the post review was launched by blogger, you can immediately approve or reject it and everything depends on you. When the post is that you specify the requirements for approval soon and if not eligible, please let bloggers post to revise the review has been launched.

Trust and honesty are required in cooperation in the post this review. I have seen a lot of advertisers who are not honest to market the product,just want to get the index or popularity of the blogger's post and post a review after the index by search engines, then post a review that was launched by bloggers will be in decline by the advertiser and how this is done repeatedly against the other bloggers.

I suggest you not do that way, because it will affect the trust of the link and you'll hurt yourself. Marketing is not to get the index of search engines, but get the results of the product will be sold and grab a position in the search engine is not the only way to do marketing.

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