Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Avoid Deletion of the Site in Search Engines

Creating a very unique content that we need to do for the future of quality traffic from search engines. Errors that are frequently made by many people is they do not care to create unique content, unique content which will give us advantage to bring in traffic from search engines, search engines like content that is more unique without manipulation.

Duplicate content to give a negative effect on traffic our website and that will decrease the popularity of our website in search engine. Besides website design we also need to consider because of the excessive use of scripts such as hidden text will be detected as malware website and this caused our website will be removed in the search engine results. So to avoid this problem, I tried to create a unique content and avoid the use of scripts to manipulate the search engine's website so that we still get traffic and avoid deletion of the Site in search engines.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How Fast in the Index by Spider

Spider-Search EngineI have seen many people who only install a large banner image and there are only one or two "click here to enter the next page to be placed on banners that flash" on the homepage. This is bad enough, making it impossible for the spider to follow a link to the next page from the homepage. This applies if you are not concerned with benefits for future search engine traffic to your site, if not this is a big mistake caused by your banner.

Site allows you to get the highest ranking to be explored by a spider web. Internal page will not appear in the index if a search engine does not connect to the internal structure of the next page for the spider to be explored. Many designers make the mistake of using the Flash menu on the homepage and internal pages page. Flash looks really cool, but they can not be followed by the spider from the various search engines and this will cause your site not in the popular search engine.

Spider is a web browser such as text-based or robot-based readers, they can not read text embedded in images or Flash graphics. Each page on your site must have a unique tag "title" with the target keywords in there to explain in detail on the search engine. Developer's site makes much the same error, using the same title tag throughout the whole site and does not provide a unique Title.

Search engines will not see the title page which has similarity with the others and will not be followed by sipder. Many bloggers write a post title is very long. Title tag will be used as a link on the title page of the search engine and only allows about 65 characters maximum (including spaces). If you can avoid mistakes in the development of the site, then your site will be faster in the index by search engines.

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