Friday, May 15, 2009

Implement the Optimization Using Code 301

code url 301Using the redirect on the site is very important to help your site to be achieved by the user and search engine directly. The page to move to a new place, or being removed all together, it is important to have this page is redirected to a new location or close to the next page using a 301 Permanent Redirect to referrer to your website. To help you eliminate page rank split, and the site gives you a little extra value, you can apply the non-www redirect. What will make this transition is to change the URL to include the "www" whenever a URL is accessed that does not include them. This can help maintain the correct relationship to the page of your site and provide additional strength.

If you have applied in the URL of the site including mod rewrites, you must perform checking of HTTP headers. Re-examination is conducted to ensure that the code 301 that you have applied to run in accordance with your wishes. Never have more than one URL for your home page. If the page is available and displays more than one URL, then utilize 301 forwarded to all the main URL into your focus. All links that point to the home page should direct to the exact same URL you will separate the values into several duplicate pages from the URL.

Use XML Sitemaps to ensure that Google and other engines can crawl the entire site. Although the XML sitemap will not directly affect the ranking of the search, you will help as Google to see the changes more quickly and will affect your website performance. Age of the site you can also have effects on the ranking of search engines. Although there is little you can do to help on this matter, remember that your site is online, and a better chance for success. Sites that have been long standing will help increase the level of authority in the eyes of Google.

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